Ang Thong National Marine Park

The Ang Thong National Park should be one of the most spectacular things to view in Thailand. It is a protected archipelago of islands that offers amazing views and it is a must-see for nature lovers. It has some steep limestone cliffs some reaching about 400 meters in height. Not only that but you also get to see some amazing hidden lagoons. The Ang Thong or the “Golden Basin” as it translates to is the home to four different forest types and the animals you will typically see here are Hair-Nosed Otters, Egrets, Sea Eagles, Sea Turtles, pythons and so on. The colorful fish are a huge hit with those who want to sea dive or snorkel.

While the Ang Thong itself is too huge compassing of 42 islands, it may take weeks or more to explore them all. But with some local guidance or a guided tour, those on a shorter holiday can cover most of those to experience these magical islands.

This is a national park and hence only certain services can operate (those with the necessary licenses). While some halt at certain scheduled stops, some others cover other areas. But you will find that most of them will cover some amount of sea diving, snorkeling, kayaking and some free time on the beaches to lounge around. One important thing to remember is that this trip requires a certain fitness level and therefore it is best to check with the guides or the personnel before signing up to go on such a trip.

The approach to the Ang Thong is generally by a chartered boat from Koh Samui or Koh Pha Ngan. Generally, people stay at Koh Samui villas for rent and book their tickets through their concierge or local guides. Once the trip is completed, you can come back to your villas to sleep away your exertion.